simple organic contemporary

Growing up in a home where there was always some sort of project going and our creative interests and endeavors were fostered, I developed a strong love and appreciation for handcrafted art.

My father was an incredibly talented silver/gold smith by hobby and I remember spending hours on end watching him work and playing at his bench. So, when my sister Kiki Huston (Kiki Huston Jewelry Design) inherited his tools and began "smithing" I was inspired and encouraged to give it a try. Having experimented with many different mediums over the years, I felt almost instantly at home with silver.

Most of my pieces have a simple, clean, organic feel. My work isn't "flawless" and I'm partial to silver that has the feel of the artist's hand. I also believe that most pieces get better with the patina of time and wear.

I get most of my inspiration from nature where I spend much of my free time.

Each piece you find in my my shop is handcrafted by me from start to finish using reclaimed and recycled sterling silver when possible. Thank you for your interest in my work and thank you for supporting handmade!

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